Grease Boss G25

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The automatic grease removal unit can be installed internally and is an option where it is not possible or viable to install an external passive trap. They are more economic to run than grease converters as they require no chemicals and little on-going maintenance if food scraps are kept out. 


  • A 50 micron stainless steel filter basket that sits above the water line and is simple to empty and clean.
  • Simple wiper blade function with the outer wiper blade easily removed for cleaning.
  • Sealed unit to reduce odour.
  • Modified electrics with operator ability to reset and check functions.
  • Visible PLC for quick function or fault information.
  • Pump out option (optional extra) to reduce clean out times by allowing pump out after the grease removal cycle is completed.


  • High performance - removes up to 36kg per hour of FOG
  • Accepts up to 2.5 litres per second influent - operational from 0.5L to 2.5L/sec
  • Fully automatic
  • Left or right flow options (please specify when ordering.
  • Drain tap in base to easily remove sludge build up.             
  • Easily maintained and simple to clean.
  • Free draining, built-in, front-loading filter for solids capture (10L capacity)
  • Versatile and easily disposed of collection system
  • Handles dishwashers and self cleaning ovens*
  • Recovers some dairy fats** depending on properties in solution    

* Can be plumbed through the Grease Boss but the cleaning compounds used can compromise the ability of the Grease boss to remove the fat, oil and grease. Most councils allow dishwashers and self cleaning ovens to be plumbed straight to drain. 

** Hydrogenised dairy fats can often be difficult to remove as they are in solution. We recommend these are removed before entering the grease trap.   

Pump out option

The pump out option can only be carried out after the fat, oil and grease cycle is completed. Usually early morning is the best time for this to be used. It allows for treated water to be removed from the unit, reducing the possibility of odour which may build up (eg from milk residue) as the water remains in the unit. It also removes non FOG fine solids (such as flour or coffee grinds) which have passed through the sink filter and filter basket between service visits.

It does not replace the usual 6 monthly maintenance requirements recommended by Mactrap.


961mm (L) x 519mm (W) x 474mm (H)*

* Requires clearance of 170mm    


  • Casing material:  304 Stainless steel
  • Inflow rate: 0.5 - 2.5 L/S
  • Treatment capacity/Hr: 500L - 1200L passive capacity. Weir control adjustment >1.8L/sec. Recommended daily throughput <10 cubic metres
  • Timer/Controller: 230v, 50Hz, Crouzet PLC 24 hour operation
  • Heating element: Standard Smiths 2kw
  • FOG removal rate: <36kg/hr
  • Static capacity:  112 Litres
  • Motor: 230V    

 See installation and maintenance for the Grease Boss for more information